Best free VPN for Torrenting

FalcoVPN is a free torrent-friendly VPN. It allows you to unblock torrent file sharing safely without putting you and your online privacy at risk. It protects your torrent traffic, enabling you to download and share torrents worldwide with other users and to access the content securely. While it protects your torrent data and helps you download and share the torrents with other users across the globe, letting you access the content securely, it also encrypts your torrent data completely. Nobody will be able to monitor on your torrent activity using a spy software if you have been using FalcoVPN as your VPN service.

What is Torrenting?

Torrenting is a popular practice for sharing files such as movies, eBooks and programs with other users worldwide. Platforms like uTorrent and BitTorrent are best known for torrenting. Since torrenting also called as p2p sharing is considered one of the best data sharing methods on the internet, unfortunately, it also attracts a certain amount of undeserved negative attention. This is the reason why you should consider protecting your online data and security with a VPN while using torrenting services.

Why Use A VPN for Torrenting?

While torrenting is a convenient way for you to download files from other users worldwide, it may also make you susceptible to online attacks conducted by the professional hackers to steal your personal information. Out of many online users who simply download and share files with each other through torrenting, there might be one user who could try to hack your personal data for fraudulent purposes. For this reason, it is highly advised to protect your p2p sharing with a VPN. A VPN conceals your IP address from everyone including your ISP by encrypting your torrent traffic and allows you to torrent anonymously on the internet. All of your internet activity including torrenting is protected from the prying eyes.

Start Torrenting with FalcoVPN

You do not need to compromise on your identity, privacy, and security by torrenting without a VPN. In order to securely experience torrenting, you should always get the best torrent proxy which is none other than FalcoVPN. FalcoVPN has torrent friendly servers located in Switzerland and Netherland which offer good speed and performance. With FalcoVPN, you can share and download torrents safely without putting your online privacy in jeopardy. FalcoVPN does not keep any logs; therefore, you do not need to worry of being watched and can torrent privately & freely with the help of this VPN proxy service.

Are there any Free VPNs to download torrents?

Currently there are no free VPN for torrenting because the overhead to manage the VPN service and stoppin users from doing illegal activities through torrents is so much that p2p sharing through VPN can’t be offered for free. If there is any service which claims to offer free vpn to unblock torrents then they must be either lying or covering the costs of service by stealing your personal information. FalcoVPN offers free version of its VPN service but it doesn’t support torrenting feature. You can try it free and if you are satisfied with the service then you can buy premium license and start downloading torrents through its torrent friendly servers in Switzerland and Netherlands

Difference between the Free and Premium License

Features Free Premium
Maximum Speed
Full Access to All Countries
Anonymous Torrenting
Unlimited bandwidth
Complete Internet Privacy
Supports All Devices/Platforms
Anonymous on All Apps

How FalcoVPN Works

Falco VPN service builds a secure tunnel between your mobile/tablet/desktop and internet. This way you remain anonymous and no one can monitor your internet activity.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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