Best Free VPN 2018

Best Free VPN 2018

The demand for VPNs has increased a lot the past couple years. The reason behind their popularity is the features that they offer. They are no longer just a mere tool for unblocking sites, as now they are capable of so much more. They now provide security, privacy, counter to internet speed throttling, access to blocked content, and so much more. The days where VPNs were considered tools for a single job are long gone. Now, they have a lot of utility, which is why a lot of developers are creating their own versions of it. Having multiple options available in the market does help. However, this market saturation really hurts the consumers as they don’t know which apps are better for their needs. Realizing that, we have outlined some of the best free VPN apps that you can get your hands on right now.


Despite being free, FalcoVPN offers a ton of features. It comes with several security protocols that combine to keep you safe on the web. Then there are privacy measures, which are included so that all of your activity can remain hidden. With all the prying eyes that we have on us the entire time, it is nice to have a VPN to escape from them. FalcoVPN also enables you to counter internet throttling, which has become a major issue these days. Almost all of the internet service providers are cutting back on speeds, but with the help of this VPN, you can get your normal speed back. Even with all of these features plus the ability to unblock sites, makes FalcoVPN one of the best VPNs of the modern day.


Just like FalcoVPN, TunnelBear offers a slew of features as well. It can help you unblock any content on the web. It can help protect your privacy and security. Moreover, it can help against internet throttling. However, there is one downside. TunnelBear only allows you to use 500mb of the internet during a month. If you are not a heavy VPN user, then that won’t be much of a problem for you. However, if you are planning on a more permanent solution, then FalcoVPN is the better option.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is not at the level of TunnelBear or FalcoVPN, but it’s still a really good VPN tool. It’s great for people who don’t have a high-end device to work with. This is a lightweight solution that doesn’t much of your RAM and allows the functions to go on smoothly. If your device is packing much power, then it’s better to go with Hotspot Shield. It does provide security, privacy, and the ability to unblock sites. However, there aren’t proxy servers to counter internet throttling, so if that’s your priority, then you might want to ignore this one go with the others.

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