Best Free VPN of 2018

VPNs have been in huge demand lately and the main reason behind it is that the people are worried about their online security, online privacy, and internet throttling. All of these issues plague the current environment and the easiest way to deal with them is through VPNs. However, the problem is – not a lot of people can afford a VPN or they simply don’t want to invest in one. For those users, we have outlined a list of best free VPN of 2018, which you can get your hands on right now.


FalcoVPN is up first and we have put it up on top because of its amazing offerings despite being a free app. Just like every other VPN, as soon as you enable it, you are switched to a new server that’s located far away from your current location. This hides you from any prying eyes hence providing the much needed online privacy. None of what you do via this VPN is logged anywhere so all of your activity stays hidden as well, hence providing the online security. Moreover, it helps you counter internet throttling which has become a major issue nowadays. Especially now that net neutrality is gone, there is no one stopping any ISP from throttling your web. It used to happen beforehand too, but now it is happening on a larger scale and people are obviously not happy. However, with FalcoVPN, you can get the speed back to normal.


TunnelBear is another amazing free app, but unlike FalcoVPN, it’s not all free. The free edition is limited in bandwidth, which means that you have to be very careful about your usage or you may run out of the monthly limit soon. This admittedly is annoying, but it is better than nothing. If you are not planning on using VPN all too often, then TunnelBear is a great tool to have at your disposal. The user interface is brilliant and makes the app incredibly simple to understand and use. The aforementioned features are present here as well, but as discussed before, the bandwidth for a free user is limited. That’s the only downside to an otherwise brilliant VPN solution.


HideMe is another great free VPN app. Although it doesn’t bring as many features as its counterparts but is still a force to be reckoned with. HideMe is regarded as one of the safest apps to use because it is officially certified to be logless. It means that whatever you do while this VPN is activated is not recorded at all. HideMe may not be popular yet but it is slowly gaining its footing and has an active community now. Soon, the developers will more features, which will ultimately attract more users to the platform. If your VPN usage is minimal, then you can give HideMe a shot. 

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