Best Free VPNs of 2018

Best Free VPNs 2018

Due to privacy and security concerns, people have started to make use of VPNs as they are the only tools available at the moment that can actually help with them. Due to this recent surge in popularity, almost every single developer around the globe has started to offer their own unique take on VPNs. Some of them are good, while some of them aren’t. However, the people who are not that tech savvy can fall for the wrong one and end up downloading a solution that wouldn’t be of any help to them at all. Knowing that we have combined the list of best free VPNs of 2018. By utilizing these tools, you will be able to enjoy the VPN related features, and you will not have to pay a single penny.


FalcoVPN is slowly gaining its footing in the market. It is offering almost every major feature that one can ask for. It comes with the much-needed server switch-ups, which allow you to hide your actual IP address and server. This allows all of your activity to route from an entirely different server in a different location, hence hiding all of your online actions. Accompanying this awesome feature are the multiple security layers that help you keep malware at bay.

Malware has become a major problem these days as crackers are trying to breach security all the time. However, with FalcoVPN by your side, you won’t have to worry about succumbing to malware ever again. Although both of these features are at the forefront of FalcoVPN, it doesn’t stop here as it also allows you to access blocked content, counter internet throttling, and improve the streaming speed. All of these features combined make FalcoVPN an amazing offering, and the best part is that you can make use of everything for absolutely free.


TunnelBear is another excellent free VPN. It also offers security and privacy features and does it pretty well too. It has a bunch of servers located all around the globe and you can make a switch to any one of them at will. Internet censorship and blocking have become a huge concern, but with TunnelBear you can tackle it as well. Other small features are also available through this VPN, which makes it a complete package. If FalcoVPN doesn’t meet your needs, then you can give TunnelBear a shot as it offers almost the similar features.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is not as fancy as TunnelBear or FalcoVPN, it is quite simple and straightforward. It offers both security and privacy features, but that’s it. It has a few servers that you can switch to, but the total number is limited. Similarly, there are security layers that can prevent malware but don’t expect too much from them. Hotspot Shield is the best fit for people that only want to make use of VPN when they really need it. Just enable it when you want, complete the activity, and then disable it. For long-term usage, FalcoVPN and TunnelBear are the better options.

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