Bypassing Blocked Content is Easier Than Ever

Blocked Content

Blocked content on the web has become a regular thing these days. You may across numerous sites and videos, which won’t work for you because they are blocked in your area. It is a huge issue as people using the internet should have access to everything. Blocking content is just an annoyance that users have to deal with.

Some countries block social networking platforms because they believe they are just waste of time, while in some countries, video platforms like YouTube are banned for the similar reasons. In the end, it’s the users who suffer because of it.

As mentioned above, the users are paying for their internet service, and that should enable them to visit any site they want without any restriction whatsoever. This problem has become quite common now, but thankfully, there are a couple of solutions available. Both have their certain advantages and disadvantages, but both will resolve this blocked content issue. We have discussed them in detail below so that you can go with the solution that fits your needs.


VPNs are one of the best and easiest ways to gain access to blocked content. They don’t require any technical knowledge and work surprisingly well. The only thing a user needs to do is download one on their device. The best part is that most of the VPNs offer unblocking service for free. This means that you won’t even be paying anything, and would still be able to unblock content will ease.

The way VPNs work is quite simple actually – once they are downloaded on your device, you simply have to enable them. When they are enabled, they switch to a new IP address and a new server that is located in a different location entirely. This allows the users to visit sites that may have been blocked in their location.

There is only one downside to VPNs – if you go with the free version, then there’s a chance that may run out of free bandwidth soon enough. Most free VPNs offer limited bandwidth, and if you are using it on regular basis, then you may run out soon enough. To counter that, you have to get paid plans for one of the VPNs. They are often unlimited and don’t block you out of any of the features.  

Proxy Sites

Proxy sites are another great solution to this issue, but the problem is that they are quite ad-heavy and don’t apply to every browser. You go to a proxy site, write the URL of the blocked content, and it will open up for you. However, it will not have the natural interface, plus you’ll be seeing a ton of ads, and functionality may also suffer because of it.

If you are planning to watch blocked content only a few times, then proxy sites are a great solution as they don’t require any kind of downloading or paid plans. However, for a long-term solution, it is better to just go with a VPN.

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