Get Online Privacy Through VPNs

Online privacy has become a thing of the past as multiple entities keep tabs on your online activities. The worst part is there is no way to hide from them even if you try. If you are able to get rid of one entity, another will still be there. Your own ISP records each and everything that you do on the web, so there’s no escaping it. You either have to live with it or you can go for the one and only solution called VPNs. VPN is designed to change your IP and servers, and on these new IP and servers, your online activity becomes untraceable. Even your internet service provider won’t be able to see anything because the IP that they have been monitoring is not being used. Some of the best VPNs to get this job done have been outlined below.


FalcoVPN is easily one of the best tools for this task. Firstly, it is available for absolutely free, so you won’t be spending a single penny on it. Secondly, it comes with a ton of servers that allow you to roam around the web freely without the fear of being watched. Although a lot of people don’t care about being pried upon, there is still a large populace who crave privacy and want all kinds of entities to stay away from them. For these people, FalcoVPN is the best option. The privacy and servers are just one of its parts though as it also comes with multiple security protocols that keep you safe from all kinds of external threats. Moreover, it can counter internet throttling which has become a huge problem these days. Last but not least, it has the ability to give you access to blocked content. So by paying absolutely nothing, you will be able to enjoy all these features with ease, and on top of it all, you will get the all-important privacy.


ExpressVPN is regarded as the most reliable VPN, which it actually is. It has been around for a long time and has introduced a ton of features. With over 90 servers located around the globe, ExpressVPN is a pretty safe bet for privacy. All of your information would be channeled through those servers, which means that it would be near-impossible to track. So, if privacy is your sole concern, you can go with ExpressVPN without giving it a second thought. However, there is one thing to note though, unlike FalcoVPN, this one is not free and is going to cost you quite a lot.


VyprVPN comes with very own servers and doesn’t rely on anyone for anything. It has over 140 servers located around the globe and is the best tool for people who crave privacy. Due to its private nature, there is no way your information is going to get out. That’s the reason people are subscribing to this tool left and right, and that’s the main reason behind its popularity. If you really want privacy, then you really don’t have to look any further than VyprVPN. However, just like ExpressVPN, this one is going to cost you. However, in this case, the paid subscriptions are worth it for privacy.

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