Here’s How You Can Make the Most of Your VPN


A VPN service, as most of you already know it, is used to browse the internet anonymously without letting anyone, including your ISP, keep a track of your online activity. It allows you to securely browse the internet while encrypting your internet traffic.

However, there’s much more to VPN which many users may still not be aware of. In this post, we have highlighted a few best tricks that you can do with your VPN. These quick and easy tricks will help you make the most of your VPN service. Let’s have a quick look at them.

Visit International Versions of Websites

Have you ever wanted to visit an international version of a website but get redirected to your country’s version of the same site instead? Well, a VPN service can help you overcome this problem. As soon as you open your VPN, you can choose your location, for instance, you’ve selected the UK. This way you pretend to browse from the UK and then revisit the website whose content is only available to those residing in the UK. A VPN will refrain you from getting redirected to your country’s version of the site.  

Unlock Blocked Content

The majority of workplaces, schools, and universities have strict web policies and have blocked users from visiting sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. in order to prevent employees and students from spending too much time on those sites, wasting time, hogging bandwidth as well as leaking information. If, as a user, you feel this approach is quite strict and unfair then you can always seek help from the VPN which will allow you to access your favorite sites without letting anyone keep a track on your internet activity. VPN cloaks your online activity, making it difficult for anyone to monitor it.

Stream Content Without Restrictions

There are many online streaming websites whose content is only restricted to their native country or fewer countries and is not available to your country. Popular online streaming website such as Netflix has a content library which is only accessible to those living in the US. Those residing in the UK or anywhere else won’t be able to access the US content library of the Netflix. For this purpose, a VPN service comes in handy. By using a VPN, you can always change your server location to the US and trick Netflix’s server into believing that you’re browsing from the US and enjoy your favorite content from the US library.

Save Money on Your Holiday Trips

It’s a well-known fact that websites change their prices depending on the visit. Most of the flight and hotel booking companies are following this uncanny practice. First, open a website and check out the rates they are offering in your country’s version of the site. Then, use a VPN to pretend you’re browsing from another country. This way you can compare the prices being offered to two different versions of the site and get to save money on your next holiday trip. It’s quite possible you may come across prices that are a lot cheaper and can also make use of a translation tool and currency converter to circumvent hidden costs.

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