How to Counter Internet Throttling

Due to excessive internet usage these days, a lot of companies have started to throttle internet speed of their users. This is all done at the back-end and users have no way to know about it. They do realize that the speed they are getting is not up to the mark, but there is very little they can do about. They can complain and speed will be restored for a few hours, but it will go back to being the same once again. People are incredibly annoyed with this practice, and rightly so. They pay full price and expect their internet to provide the promised speed, but they just don’t. Previously, there wasn’t anything a user could have done about it so they just accepted their fate. However, things have changed now and there are VPNs in place which can help counter internet throttling with ease. That’s not the only solution though as there are multiple websites on the web that provide addresses for proxy servers which you can make use of to get your normal speed back.


The internet service providers throttle your IP and it just can’t back until it’s fixed from the back-end. This is where VPNs can prove to be a huge help. As soon as you enable one on your device, your IP address and server is changed to a completely new location, and your speed is restored. This is a simple, yet efficient solution to the internet throttling issue which has been bothering the users all around the globe. The best part is that you don’t even have to pay for a VPN, as most of them can be downloaded for free. Take FalcoVPN for example, you can get it for free and use it for an unlimited amount of time. So, if you are facing with internet throttling way too often, try out FalcoVPN or any other free VPN to get rid of this annoyance.

Proxy Websites

If VPN isn’t your thing, then you can go for proxy sites. A ton of them are available throughout the web and they provide IP address of multiple servers, which are located in different regions. Go to your internet setting, add a proxy server and when you are asked for IP, just type in the details provided on the website. Once you have put in all the necessary details, your IP will change and your speed will be restored. All of this has to be done manually so you are required to have some knowledge of how to manually add proxy servers. Even if you don’t know, it’s not that much of an issue as there are countless guides available on the web. VPNs are an easy and efficient solution to internet throttling, but if you are not comfortable with them, then you can go for proxy websites.  

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