Online Threats Can Now be Countered with Monitoring Solutions

Children these days get access to the internet at a fairly young age and without proper supervision from the parents, they can succumb to several online threats. Cyberbullying, cyber predators, and pornography have been running rampant on the web and kids can encounter them at any stage. If they are not being supervised, then they are bound to become a victim and there is very little they can do about it. As parents, it is hard to keep tabs on what kids are up to on their devices, but all hope is not lost. Instead of doing the supervision themselves, parents can use a tool for that and it’s called monitoring tool. Monitoring solutions like Mobistealth keep tabs on children’s online activities on their parent’s behalf and provide them with regular reports of their actions. With online threats becoming more and more dangerous, it is advised that you seek help from a monitoring tool before it’s too late. They can help counter most online threats and you won’t even have to lift a finger.


One of the biggest issues that almost every kid is facing these days is of cyberbullying. The chances of your kid being succumbed to it are quite high and if you don’t keep tabs on their online activity, there is no way you will know about it. Kids usually keep things close to the chest, so it’s not likely that they will share anything about it with you. However, by utilizing a monitoring tool, you can see what kind of people they are talking to, what kind of stuff is being talked about, are they being insulted, are they being made fun of, how are they reacting to it, and all the stuff like that. Monitoring apps enable you to read entire conversations that take place through text messages and instant messaging apps, which is a huge help. If you see that your kid is being bullied in any sense, then you need to intervene right away and ensure your kids that you will always support them.


Another major threat that kids succumb to rather easily is porn. This kind of content fascinates children and when they realize that there is no one to stop them, they continue on to watch it, which leads to porn addiction. This is a very serious disease and more cases of it are coming out every single day. In order to save your child from this atrocity, all you have to do is keep tabs on their web history through a monitoring solution. You will get updates about the sites they visit, and if you see that they are continuously going to pornographic sites, then you need to stop them in their tracks and explain how this habit can prove to be dangerous for them.

Cyber Predators

As with cyberbullying, cyber predators have the same solution. Your kids are vulnerable and predators exploit those vulnerabilities. However, with monitoring solution by your side, you can read the conversations and even they call your children, you can record and listen to those calls as well. If a predator is trying to lure your kid, then you will know about it with the help of a monitoring solution and will be able to stop things from getting any further. 

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