Protect Your Online Privacy with VPNs

Online privacy used to be a thing back in the day, but now multiple entities are keeping tabs on your activity and there is nothing you can do to escape that. Every time you log on to the web, your data is stored on multiple fronts, and everything you do is logged online. There is no way to escape it, but what you can do is seek help from VPNs and they will help you stay hidden on the internet. VPNs are designed to hide your IP address and server location and completely switch it. As soon as you enable it, your server location is changed, and whatever you do online is recorded on a completely unknown IP. There is no way it can be tracked, which means that you can browse all you want without worrying about the prying eyes. Almost every VPN gets the job done, but if you are looking for the best of the bunch, then you might want to try out the following.


The best part about FalcoVPN is that you can get your hands on it for absolutely free. It offers free servers, which you make use of all the time. Once it is downloaded on your device, all you have to do is enable it and all of your activity from there on out would be encrypted. Privacy is one of the better parts of the FalcoVPN, but it doesn’t end here. This app also ensures that your device stays safe from all kinds of malware through different security protocols. Moreover, it can be used to counter internet throttling issue, which has become a huge problem for the users all over the globe. So, the bottom line is, you won’t have to pay a single penny and yet you will be able to get privacy, security, and can counter internet throttling. This is an excellent deal and one that you shouldn’t miss out on.


ExpressVPN has been around a long time and offers every possible VPN related feature you can ask for. The number of servers available through this VPN are close to 100, but in order to make use of them, you will have to get one of the paid subscription plans. They do offer a 30-day trial, and that’s more than enough for testing, but if you are looking to make use of it in the long run, then it is better to get the paid subscription because it is definitely worth it.


VyprVPN is another long-running VPN, but it completely outperforms ExpressVPN on servers front. Instead of seeking help from the third party, VyprVPN has created its own servers, which are located in almost every country around the world. So, when it comes to privacy, there is nothing better than VyprVPN. They are not liable to anyone for anything, so they won’t have to sell your information to anyone. However, just like ExpressVPN, this one is a paid app. In order to make use of its services, you will need to get the paid subscription plan, but as mentioned before, it is definitely worth it. 

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