There is Still a Way to Privately Browse Internet These Days

The idea of privately browsing internet has become pretty farfetched these days. Multiple entities including government and ads oriented companies keep tabs on what people are doing online at all times. Some do it in the name of national security, while some do it to enhance their business practices. No matter what the reasons are, however, this practice is unethical. People should be allowed to privately browse the internet. Sadly, things are not going back to the way they were, which means we have to make use of some tools to get internet privacy. What these tools are and how they are going to keep your browsing activity private has been explained below.


VPNs have been vastly under-utilized. However, things have started to change as more and more people are becoming aware of the privacy invasion done by ad agencies and the government. Now, they want to use the internet in peace and the only way they are able to do that is by seeking help from a VPN. Take for example. It’s available for free and as soon as you enable it, your server is switched to a different location altogether, hence making all of your online activity untraceable.

Server Switching

Server switching is available in every VPN and is completely under user’s control. They can select any country to switch their servers to and it will happen in an instant. If you’re operating in the U.S. but want your activity to be hidden, then just select any of the available countries on the server selection screen, and your server will switch to that particular location. This makes your online activity hidden and lets you privately browse the internet with ease.

Hidden IP

That’s not all VPNs offer though, as they also hide your IP. This means that if anyone was keeping track of it, they won’t be able to anymore. As soon as your activity starts to take place on a different server, your IP changes as well. So, if someone is keeping track of you, they won’t be able to see your new IP and to them, it’ll only show as if your IP is not being used at the moment. This once again saves you from the prying eyes and keeps your online activity private.  

So there you have it – if, in this day and age, you’re looking for privacy, then VPN is your only option. It not will hide your activity, but it will also keep it safe and secure. Furthermore, there are multiple countries to switch your servers to, so you can keep changing if you are a bit too insecure about your privacy. Most of the VPNs available on the web can be used for free, which means that you won’t even have to spend a penny and you will be able to privately browse the internet without much of a hassle. 


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