This is How You Can Make Your VPN More Secure


A VPN service is an incredible online security measure that helps to keep you safe and anonymous on the internet. They’re designed in a way so they can be easily used without going into any complications and also cost less. Besides, having a VPN at your disposal means all your online movements will be kept secure and safe from the prying eyes.

However, in order for your VPN service to perform its job properly, you need to make sure it is optimized so as to keep you safe on the internet. Optimizing a VPN means you will be able to browse the internet as safely as possible. Here are a few tips that can help you optimize your VPN service.

Choose the Correct VPN Protocol

A VPN consists of various security VPN protocols which help in encrypting your internet connection. With the right fusion of the VPN protocols, offering super-fast speed and maximum security, you will be able to secure your online experience.

OpenVPN is the VPN protocol which can be used in almost every situation. At the moment, this VPN protocol with 256-bit encryption, it is being considered the most secure and fastest apart from the rest.  There’s an option present on the client for changing the protocol that your VPN is currently using.

Enable a VPN Kill Switch

One major downside associated with using a VPN is when it fails to perform for many reasons – be it server going down or the internet connection getting dropped. When this happens, your electronic device connects back to the regular mode of the internet, unguarded by a VPN, automatically becoming susceptible to any possible internet threat.

Enabling a kill switch will make sure your data remains secure even when the internet connection drops. When a kill switch is enabled, even when your connection is dropped, your device’s connection to the internet will be suddenly shut down. This won’t connect you automatically to another medium.  

Majority of VPNs have a built-in kill switch but there are many who don’t have it at all. In that case, a kill switch software can be manually added to your VPN.  With a kill switch VPN, your internet security will be taken to a next step, allowing you a complete peace of mind while you’re browsing the internet.

Stop DNS Leaking

Domain Name Servers or commonly known as DNS typically act as the phone books of the internet. They’re a regularly updated directory of domain names having Internet Protocol (IP) addresses associated with them, which allows you to remember a website’s name instead of the collection of numbers that make up its IP address.

Using a VPN means you’re using a secure DNS server provided by the VPN client itself. However, this may not happen in every case as your electronic device might shift back to the standard public DNS service. This process is known as a ‘DNS leak.’

You can test for yourself whether your DNS is leaking by simply clicking on this website If you have turned on your VPN but that website is still displaying your original physical location instead of the location your VPN is set to, then that proves your DNS is leaking.

In case your DNS is leaking, you can look for the ways to fix it.

Stop IPv6 Leaking

While we’re on the topic of leaking, let us also talk about what IPv6 leaking is all about.

Basically, IPv6 is a version of internet protocol, allowing a larger amount of internet addresses than IPv4, which is the previous version. Internet providers have been planning to move to IPv6. Since it is currently operating outside of the VPN, it can give away your identity to others.

Some VPN services are planning to have a built-in ability to disable IPv6. Meanwhile, you can check if your IPv6 is leaking here In case it is leaking, you can disable it manually in order to preserve your online anonymity. 

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