Top VPNs Going into 2018

VPNs have become quite useful these days due to various reasons. Some people want them to gain access to blocked content, some want them to get better security, some want them to remain private on the web, and several other reasons. VPNs previously were only used for gaining access to blocked content, but they have become way more than that these days as they offer multiple features. A lot of people are using them for a lot of different reasons. Seeing how the usage of VPNs was increasing, the developers started to improve their VPN apps and integrated numerous new features into it. Some of the most improved apps over the course of past twelve months have been outlined below.


FalcoVPN is new but that doesn’t mean it’s bad by any means. It boasts almost every feature that one can ask for in a VPN and all of them work flawlessly. It comes with several protocols and all of them function amazingly well. Moreover, it helps you get access to blocked sites which is one of the main reasons people opt for VPN. It also enables you to browse privately without worrying about the prying eyes, and that’s a huge help nowadays. People want to remain anonymous on the web, and with the help of FalcoVPN, they can do it with ease. That’s not all as this VPN also allows you to counter internet throttling. With net neutrality becoming a thing of the past, chances are that your speed will get throttled, but you can counter that easily with the help of FalcoVPN.


TunnelBear was quite popular beforehand, but they didn’t rely on their popularity. They kept on improving their product throughout 2017, and now they are counted amongst the best VPN providers. TunnelBear’s cartoonish aesthetics have worked quite well for them as it makes things easier for the new users. The user interface is also simple, which is something that all users crave for. Other mainline features that are present in FalcoVPN, can be found in TunnelBear as well. You can use TunnelBear for free up to 500MB, but from there on out, you will have to get the paid subscription.


VyprVPN has always been a big deal and the main reason people prefer it over the other is its first-party servers. It contains almost 150 servers that are located around the globe and all of them are self-owned. This means that VyprVPN doesn’t have to rely on anyone for anything. This makes them the securest and safest place to be. This is the reason why a lot of VPN users opt for VyprVPN. The features and first party ownership are great and all, but it’s the consistency that attracts the consumers. The team behind the app is always improving their offerings so that the users won’t have to switch to any other app. Heading into 2018, VyprVPN is still a force to be reckoned with, and although it’s a bit expensive, it is absolutely worth it. 

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