Ways to Protect Your Online Privacy on the Web

online privacy

Privacy just doesn’t exist anymore. Multiple entities keep tabs on our online activities and there’s very little we can do against that. Some people have stopped caring about their privacy and have just accepted the fact that they can’t win against corporations. Some individuals, however, still care about their online privacy and want to stay obscure when they are on the web. For those people, all hope is not lost as there are still several ways to protect online privacy and we have discussed them in detail below.


The most convenient solution to the privacy problem is VPNs. They are available in abundance and most of them can be downloaded at no cost whatsoever. As soon as you enable VPN on your device, it switches your IP address to a new one and connects your server to a completely different location.

 All of your activity from there on out takes place in an entirely different location, hence keeping it hidden from the prying eyes. Free VPNs are a great tool for it, but they are very versatile as they don’t offer much in terms of server locations. Paid VPNs however, are awesome as most of them have over 50 servers located all around the globe, and you are given option to switch to any of them at will.

Although changing servers once is fine, but if you are looking to keep your privacy for a long time, then it’s better to keep switching the servers around. That sadly isn’t possible in free VPNs because of their limited offerings, so if you are looking to go this route, then it’s better to invest in a paid VPN solution.

Block Cookies

Cookies are automatically enabled and they store all of your activity on the web. This is why it is important that you block cookies as soon as you open your browser for the first time. Most people don’t even realize that cookies are a thing and completely ignore it. Cookies can be extremely dangerous as they store every bit of information. To avoid that and attain online privacy, the safest bet is to block cookies in your browser setting.  

Keep Antivirus Updated

As soon as your operating system is up and running, install an antivirus and keep it updated. New kinds of viruses that keep tabs on your information are released constantly. They are known as spyware and are able to keep tabs on all of your activities. However, with antivirus at your disposal, you can rid yourself from spyware and other malware with ease. The important part is to keep the antivirus updated and run scans on regular basis. It may be an annoyance but it is much better than being pried upon. Those of you who seek privacy should deploy all three of these methods to stay safe on the web.

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