You can connect up to 3 devices to FalcoVPN at the same time using a single premium license. To connect more than 3 devices simultaneously, you will need to purchase an additional license.

No we won’t. We respect the privacy of our users and therefore neither monitor nor store their online activities. Our aim is to protect your privacy, not violate it.

FalcoVPN is compatible with iPhone and iPad running iOS version 8.0 or later, and all smartphones and tablets running Android version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or later.

Yes, but only slightly. No matter what VPN service you use, you will almost always have to settle for an internet speed that would be less than normal. That is because while connected to a VPN, your traffic is encrypted on the client side, decrypted on the server side, has extra headers and meta data added to it, and often has to take a longer route to the destination site or content. All this causes an increase in its latency. However, quality VPN services like FalcoVPN do their best to keep the drop in internet speed to a minimum.

You can select or change your VPN server location by using the in-app location picker. Use the location picker to view the available server locations, and tap the one that you wish to connect to. To change your VPN server location, simply use the location picker again.

For more help on picking a server location, please contact FalcoVPN support.

There can be several reasons for this. Please contact FalcoVPN support for immediate assistance.

Yes, we do have a referral program. For every successful referral that you make, we will reward you with 30 days of free service. For more information on this, please contact FalcoVPN support.

As we mentioned before, our aim is to protect your privacy, not take it away from you. Therefore, we do not monitor or store your online activities on our servers, or anywhere else for that matter. Furthermore, when you connect to FalcoVPN, a tunnel between you and our VPN server is created. All data flowing through this tunnel is encrypted using secure encryption protocols so that no one can snoop on it while it is in transit.

You may be facing this issue due to one of the following reasons:

  1. You have used up your free data usage of 500 MB (free users only).

    Upgrading to FalcoVPN Premium account will resolve this.

  2. You are not properly logged into your FalcoVPN premium account.

    Properly logging into your premium account will resolve this issue.

  3. The website you are trying to access has stored your cookies.

    Clearing your cookies from your web browser will resolve this issue.

  4. There is an issue with our servers.

    You may contact the FalcoVPN support team to confirm this and get the latest status updates.

Sometimes when the FalcoVPN app is removed from an iOS device, or the user logs out of the VPN account, internet may stop working on it. This issue mostly comes up when the VPN profile is removed from the iOS device while it is still connected to the VPN server. To get internet working on your device again, simply restart your device.

This can sometimes happen when your iOS device is trying to connect to FalcoVPN with the Connect on Demand option enabled in the FalcoVPN app settings. Internet will only work while the VPN is in a connected or disconnected state, and not in a connecting state. To regain internet access on your device, simply disable the Connect on Demand option in the FalcoVPN app settings. To do that:

Go to Settings > General > VPN > FalcoVPN > and disable Connect on Demand

When you face this issue, please submit the issue log and your public IP at that time to the FalcoVPN support team so it can look into the issue further.