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What is a Proxy?

An unblock proxy acts like a web filter and is completely browser-based, which means that it only works on a web browser. It is an intermediary between your electronic device and the internet. All the internet traffic that passes through the proxy server will appear to come from its IP address, not from your ISP. It hides your IP address and gives you access to the blocked content on the internet. With its proxy settings, a proxy server will only be able to secure traffic only via a web browser. It does not protect you completely or offer any other additional benefits when using different apps and desktop clients. Moreover, the internet traffic that is passed between you and the website is not encrypted at all which makes it easily accessible to the online hackers.

What is a VPN Proxy?

A VPN service acts like a secure, encrypted tunnel between your computer and your internet connection. All the internet traffic that passes through this secure tunnel is encrypted and cannot be hacked or monitored by any one as your IP address gets hidden. Your ISP can see that you’re connected to the VPN server but they cannot monitor your online activity or collect data about you. Your private information is encrypted with VPN security protocols. Moreover, your online activity cannot be spied on or stolen by anyone even if they are using a monitoring software to gain access to your data. On a lighter note, getting access to blocked content with VPN is absolutely possible.

Why is our VPN better than the free proxy?

Features Proxy VPN
Maximum Speed
Fully Encrypted Internet Traffic
Complete Internet Privacy
Complete Access to All Servers
Full Access to All Countries
Supports All Devices/Platforms
Anonymous on All Apps
Anonymous Torrenting
Uninterrupted Video Streaming

So if you are looking for best free proxy to access blocked sites then it is always better to use a VPN than a simple unblock proxy.

Benefits of using FalcoVPN

FalcoVPN is the ultimate VPN solution for the internet users and far better than a proxy. It supports all types of platforms – mobile devices and desktops/computers.

Easy to Use

FalcoVPN is really easy to use and offers 100% user friendliness. You can install the app on your device and start using it without any hassle.

Internet Freedom

With Falco VPN proxy, you get to securely access all the websites in your country.

Online Anonymity

Browse any website without letting anyone about your IP address, identity, and location.

Keeps Hackers at Bay

Your internet traffic gets completely encrypted while using a FalcoVPN. Therefore, you’re always protected from the online hackers and their spying.

Supports All Platforms

You can use FalcoVPN on any platform by downloading it on your Android, iPhone, Windows, or even mac.

Keeps No Logs

FalcoVPN follows strict no-logs policy and never tracks your online activity or monitors your web browsing history.

What FalcoVPN Customers are Saying

Finally, a VPN app that is easy to install, simple to use, and certain to deliver.

FalcoVPN works really well and is absolutely amazing. It works reliably, perfectly, and is much better than any free unblock proxy I’ve ever tried. I’m going to stick to only this VPN service now!.

Kate Miller

This is, hands down, the best VPN service available right now. It works pretty fast and smooth without slowing down your device.

Clay Newton

FalcoVPN is great. I've only had it for a day or so, but it is already miles better than other vpn proxy services I've used previously. I’m definitely going to recommend this VPN to everyone..

Heather Jackson