FalcoVPN – Free VPN Download

We offer free version of FalcoVPN as we strongly believe in security and internet freedom as a basic right.

Download VPN Free Trial for iPhone, iPad, Android & Windows and experience complete privacy and security. No Credit Card required.

No more Geo-Restrictions

FalcoVPN offers you complete internet freedom by allowing you to securely access all the websites from any part of the world. When you're connected to the VPN server, you can visit any website regardless of that website's geo-restrictions. The website you're visiting will believe that you are accessing it from allowed list of countries. Hence, with FalcoVPN at your disposal, you will be able to surpass all the geo-restrictions and get access to the geo-restricted websites from anywhere around the globe.

Anonymous Web Browsing

By hiding your IP address, identity, and location, Falco VPN lets you securely browse through the internet while protecting your privacy. The minute you get connected to FalcoVPN, it changes your IP address to its own IP address and encrypts all the traffic. Hence, it makes you appear completely anonymous on the internet. Nobody can track or monitor your internet activity as it is completely hidden from the prying eyes. Even your own ISP cannot get hold of your web activity and would not be able to keep a track on it. All your ISP can know that you're connected to a VPN server but they won't be able to monitor your online activity.

Protection from Hackers

When you browse internet from your device, be it Android, iPhone, Mac, or Windows, your data remains unencrypted, which means it is not safe and can be spied on by anyone. FalcoVPN protects your data from getting spied on or even stolen on the internet because it completely encrypts your data, making it impossible for anyone to keep a track of it. This VPN service cloaks your IP address as well as your identity and location and makes you completely anonymous on the internet. Even if someone is using a spying app to monitor your data, they won’t be able to do it.

Support for All Important Countries

We have fast servers in all important countries. Connect to any country and access the websites like a local.

Difference between the Free and Premium License

Features Free Premium
Maximum Speed
Full Access to All Countries
Anonymous Torrenting
Unlimited bandwidth
Complete Internet Privacy
Supports All Devices/Platforms
Anonymous on All Apps

How FalcoVPN Works

Falco VPN service builds a secure tunnel between your mobile/tablet/desktop and internet. This way you remain anonymous and no one can monitor your internet activity.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"It's a great free vpn app! I had been looking for an app like this for so long, and fortunately I came across FalcoVPN one day and immediately downloaded free trial. All I can say is that this app provides top notch internet security. I love it!"

Stacey Adams

"FalcoVPN is an excellent app. I loved the way it was installed so easily. The best thing about this app is that it does not track my browsing activity or web history. So far this is the best security app I have come across. Highly recommended!"

Michael Garfield