Best Free VPN for iPhone

Falco VPN app for iphone encrypts your internet connection and also anonymizes your online presence. You can easily get it installed on your iPhone from the Apple store. With FalcoVPN, your data is highly secure.

Secure Internet Access

With FalcoVPN on your iPhone, you can securely access the internet from any place, without worrying about your data under scrutiny of any person or authority.

Anonymize Your Web Browsing

FalcoVPN anonymizes your web browsing by completely hiding your IP address, identity, and location.

Stay Away from Hackers

You can stay away from online hackers by using Falco free VPN for iPhone. This app encrypts the internet traffic and keeps your internet connection secure.

Choose Your Own VPN Protocols

FalcoVPN offers you a wide range of VPN protocols and makes you choose your desired level of protection for your iPhone. Some of these VPN protocols are PSec, IKEV2, LT2P, PPTP, and OpenVPN.

How Free VPN for iphone works

A secure tunnel is built between the internet and your iPhone when you are using FalcoVPN. It helps you surf the internet anonymously, while hiding your IP address and also keeps your online activity secure.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"FalcoVPN is the best VPN for iphone as it is super easy to use and perfect for going private."

Rachel Steeve

"This is so far the best free VPN app on the Apple store. I don't think I'm going to need another VPN app for my iPhone after trying this one. I am more than satisfied."

Jacob Black