Best VPN for Windows 10

Falco VPN makes you believe that security should be simple. Get security for your internet connection straight from your PC. This Free VPN software works efficiently on Windows. Stay safe and secure every time you connect to the internet.

Unrestricted Internet Access

FalcoVPN lets you have unrestricted access to the internet. You can freely surf the internet without worrying about your online activity being monitored. With FalcoVPN at your disposal, you can have complete internet freedom as you can enjoy unrestricted and uncensored access to the internet and have a safe online experience. This also helps in viewing oft-blocked social network websites such as Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube and even video streaming websites including Netflix. While using this VPN service, you can easily bypass geo-restrictions imposed on these websites and get unrestricted access to them.

Incognito Web Browsing

This best vpn for PC allows you to have incognito web browsing which means that you can anonymously browse the internet without anyone knowing. FalcoVPN hides your current IP address, identity, and location and gives you a new IP address which cannot be tracked or monitored by any entity, not even your internet service provider (ISP). This Windows VPN software is your best shot if you want to appear anonymous on the internet and keep your online activity hidden from the prying eyes.

Protection Against Online Threats

Connecting to Falco VPN on your Windows 10 will ensure your internet connection's security against various online threats including data theft, identity theft, and data breaches. Moreover, it encrypts your online traffic and keeps the prying eyes at bay. It doesn’t allow anyone to spy on your online activity even with an Android or an iPhone spy app . FalcoVPN keeps your data protected even if you are browsing internet using an Android or an iPhone device. This powerful encryption tool does not let anyone see your private information and keep it protected from the online hackers. You can also use public Wi-Fi connections securely if your device is connected to this VPN service.

Advanced VPN Protocols

FalcoVPN offers advanced VPN protocols that allows users to choose their own level of security from a wide range of secure VPN protocols. These protocols are vital in enhancing your online protection against the viral threats. Once you have downloaded and installed FalcoVPN on your PC, you can access the latest and most advanced VPN protocols including Open VPN, IPSec, IKEV2, LT2P and PPTP. In fact, Windows 10 already supports protocols like PPTP and L2TP/IPSec.

Difference between the Free and Premium License

Features Free Premium
Maximum Speed
Full Access to All Countries
Anonymous Torrenting
Unlimited bandwidth
Complete Internet Privacy
Supports All Devices/Platforms
Anonymous on All Apps

How FalcoVPN Works

Falco VPN service builds a secure tunnel between your mobile/tablet/desktop and internet. This way you remain anonymous and no one can monitor your internet activity.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Falco VPN for windows is really easy to install. I use it to keep my information private on the internet. It works well and doesn't slow down. It silently runs in the background without slowing down my computer."

Sebastian McAdams

"This is the best VPN for windows in the market. If you're trying to find a reliable VPN, then look no further! You can bounce through their multiple IP addresses hosted in several countries, and you can even use their free trial before you purchase anything! I couldn't ask for more!"

Andrew Gill